Saturday, 14 January 2012

My heart . .

Lately I too miss to u. each time I miss u, was I have staring at my house and looked at corridor condo located in front of me.  Every night I was watching u.  with hope u know that I am here watching u.
But last night, when I look at one house to another home. I saw there was a house door open and a boy playing computer. boy wearing a white shirt. so I decided that the boy is you. The boy's once in a while stand up and doing some exercise. I felt more miss in you.

Today, I watched the same house, but I saw a boy dressed in white also are updating items in the stack box by the door of his house. so I feel gloomy and sad and I went into the house and do not want to see you again because for me, you will be gone from my life after this.

starting today I decided to forget you. but instead I am the miss in you. the more I see your name, I felt hurt, but it is a pain in the you miss me. I know I am not compatible with you, so I had to stand down from you. please do not let me look forward to you again because ur name already here,  in my heart. Let this site only knows how much I love you.
and now if you want to know, still I see you in front of my notebook. you do something that makes my heart grow sick of this.

Haaa, uolls, sedih kn. I bace novel tu pun dh rse nak nanges. . sanggup pompuan tu wat cm tu kn. Kalau i la, x sanggup beb . hahaha.

K lah, see uolls soon  . . . ;)

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