Friday, 6 May 2011

Hye blogger..

. . . .  . .lame x update.. haha.. bese r, mood nak update x sampai ag.. huhu.. actually, I Just back from night market at merlimau.. mood totally down.. don’t know why, one more bcoz don’t have money to shopping.. haha.. 

Dalam kete, my brother and sister listening  sinar fm station radio.. then, the dj was play the song that make me remember someone who was enthroned in the hearts .. I ever love.. that song is “menatap matamu” by aril af7.. I still have his message in my phone..

Ku ingin dirimu dekat dihatiku
Berdua kita kan raih bahagia
Ku ingin dirimu turut merasa
Rasa rindu untuk menatap matamu
Menatap matamu

Without them know, I was crying at the back… really make me remember what was happened to us..

Ok hajar.. just forget the hell that happen to u.. it’s the past, now u are in front ok.. fikirkan mase depan pulak lepas nie k..

See a in my next text k..

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